Maybe we already working our works or tasks at it fullest, not doing other thing that make you distracted, focus. But some point you need to be distracted to see what you already doing at different perspective. We need to be distracted, then you may see maybe there is some errors in what you are doing.

Your task is already spesific, you are doing a frontend work for a startup company, with spesifik circle of task only in landing page for your company. You already advance in your work, every tasks you doing it as fast and clean as possible. Challenge is come every day, every week, but you finish it seamlessly. Is it there is no problem with your daily work?, maybe there is, but you can see it because you in it.

If you feel in the utopian world, where everything seems perfect, maybe you need to get outside, to see if you trapped in a cage or not.

You may start with something that not very different with your daily task, you may spend some time to doing same landing page but not for your company, maybe for company of your imagination. Or you may doing other team task, maybe a UI design task, learn from your team if possible. Or just get outside, talk with people in the street, with your other circle or just people that you meet. Or doing your hobby, gaming, reading, running or fishing. Or start something that very new, maybe painting.

Then what happen next?, maybe nothing happen, there is nothing that change whatsoever. Maybe you find some small or big error in with your daily life. Maybe you find something that a lot more interesting, that you will regret if you find it a later more.

Try it guys, You Only Live Once, dont end it with regret.

Image Credit Benjamin Combs