This list only for markdown notes app that save file as plain markdown file not using vendor locking.

There are many note app that using markdown style for formating the notes, for the cloud based some that I know is dropbox paper, notion or slite. There is some that you can install it offline and save file offline but file is vendor locked, one that I have ever use is boostnote, its a cool offline note app but the file is vendor locked (actually its not literally locked, but save the file with .json and it’s little harder to edit it with other text editor).

Why it’s so important to save the note in plain markdown file not in cloud base or not with locked with other format, with plain markdown file you can always use plain text editor like notepad or text editor that come with your operating system and for synchronization you may use dropbox or git or google drive or other. Also you may choose from the list below or you may create the editor yourself.


Simple and easy to use, for managing files they use tags, and saving metadata like title, timestamp and tags in header comment, I don’t know what its call but I first find it in jekyll md files.

In typing experience, you type with only code mode, then switched to preview mode when you click ctrl+s and you switch to edit mode again with ctrl+e. But its fine for me. My minus point for notable is the app maintain the file using tag and you can not create directory, if your collection grow bigger it is little harder to maintain many file in one directory, but you can solve it by using multiple data directories. And notable source is no longer open, and the author planned to make it as a commercial app in the future.


Has sidebar to search files in the filesystem, default mode is editing in view mode, so you can insert markdown code and editor will apply the style on the fly.

Typora is free to use in the beta version and the author state that will be a paid app once its stable.


The markdown notes app that I use at the current time, it is also a electron app but the source is opened.

Using sidebar to open files in folder, you can edit in view mode, and the window titlebar is styled like vscode. The best trade off for me so far.

It has spell checker.

but it could be better.


Build using GTK interface, so its native option for linux, especially gnome based DE.

Switched to aposthrophe writing this article to get better point of view

Editing mode only in source mode, but you can view it side by side with the preview. It is only has the focus or clean editing mode, and it has the cleanest UI while typing notes.

Does not has sidebar file treeview, but it has recent file dropdown and you can open file from menu, but you can not open multiple file at once.

But it is the only option that not served under electron, option with lowest memory & cpu usage, in the system monitor I am not really sure which process that indicate process of this app.

I may use aposthrope when writing some notes, but not suitable for day to day search and copy paste files, for now.

Notes Up

There is also markdown notes app that build for elementary os it called Notes Up, but I am not really testing it because too much element in the interface, and the font is not rendered quite correctly (maybe problem while installing) so I have not dig more deep to test it, maybe later.

Thats all for now for my markdown notes review, add images later. Oh ya, if you want to engage to your clients via email you may use an email marketing service, there is good email marketing service its call Mtarget.


I am no longer using marktext, and yes shamelessly I create for myself an notes app, it build using electron. It is not that hard to build it and I can freely create what kind a text editor to make. It’s still buggy and for now I don’t have plan to release it but I still using it for my everyday working life.